International students

I was surprised to see so many international students when I went to Lexis yesterday.

There were full of students from different countries at the Lexis Lobby.

I asked Mio which countries they came from.

She said students came from various countries such as Switzerland(Swiss-German, Swiss-French), France, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, America, Turkey, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Ireland, Nepal, New Zealand, Korea, Brazil, Canada and China!

How international Lexis is!!

Sometimes some students are wearing this kind of interesting T-shirt!


I had a small talk with Anna Miyako. She is Swiss-German.

Her name MIYAKO is Japanese name and her mother is Japanese.

It was just a small talk but we had a nice time.

These situations are often seen in Lexis Japan.

Kobatake-san of Kobe Sea Bus CRUISING CAFE FANTASY came to Lexis to introduce the exciting cruising events yesterday.

I think it would be a wonderful experience for international students to look at beautiful Kobe city from the ocean!

After I took this photo, they went out for sightseeing.

I hope they could spend wonderful days in Kobe.

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