The Winter House by akari

Here is my latest collaboration, called "The Winter House by akari".

I produced "The Winter House by akari" in Awaji Yumebutai.

This exhibition will be held until January 9th.

This Paper house was made entirely out of cardboard and paper.

I worked in collaboration with Paper World to create this whole paper interior space.

I also asked Mr. Ohigashi to make some Kirittai animals for frames on the wall.

These animals look so real and vibrant.

It looks like they could come alive at any moment.

All tables and chairs are the works which I created with Mr. Hideyuki Kobayashi, interior designer. We brought these works to Milano in 2014 & 2015.

With more than 50 beautiful Royal Copenhagen YEAR PLATES, we can sense the history of each design.

It's fun to find which design your birthday year plate is!

This winter house will be moved to the entrance of the Westin Awaji Island and exhibited after the exhibition period.

Akari's Diary "English for my Destination"

This is my Diary about 'English for my Destination'. I am a party and event designer in Kobe.I am planning to produce a big event in NYC in 2018. I decided to improve my English!


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