1st Lesson of 2017

Happy New Year.

I took the first lesson of 2017 at Lexis today.

I am so disappointed with myself...

I brought different textbooks.

I did homework last night and prepared today's lesson.

However they were not for today's Micheal's lesson...

I felt very sorry for him because he prepared the lesson for me, of course!!

Reluctantly, I borrowed the textbook from him...

I didn't go anywhere during this holiday and stayed at home eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping...

That's why I'm out of it after the New Year holidays...

At the end of 2016, Lexis had a party and I saw some international students were enjoying a funny Japanese game.

Rika looks so serious to explain the rules!

The game was "tataite kabutte jyankenpon"!

I don't know how to translate it in English...

It was so funny to see everybody was laughing!

What a peaceful moment it was!!

I'd been so busy in 2016 and I couldn't join Lexis's event very often,

but I'd love to join in some this year!

Akari's Diary "English for my Destination"

This is my Diary about 'English for my Destination'. I am a party and event designer in Kobe.I am planning to produce a big event in NYC in 2018. I decided to improve my English!


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