talking about my favoriate movie

Today's topic of Lexis lesson was 'the favoriate movie'.

I've seen lots of movies but there are few movies which I've seen many times.

' Breakfast at Tiffany's '

I love this movie.
I've seen this  many times and I even bought the DVD.

The thing I like best about it is every scene look so charming, beautiful and nostalgic.
It always makes me excited and heartwarming.
I like Audrey Hepburn.
She is so beautiful and I'm always fascinated and mesmerized to see her.

In the movie, she has her own way to live her life.
She wants to be rich and trys to look for a gorgeous life style.
However, originally she has something really pure In her mind.

My favoriate scene is the one where she woke up with the cute eyemask and earplugs. I love the way she wore the white shirt.
It's so adorable.

The other scenes I like are the opening scene in front of Tiffany, the one where she is singing 'Moon River' playing guitar by the window, the party scene, dating at Tiffany and the one where she jumps out from the taxi and runs in the rain to look for the cat.

It's a beautiful movie and I'll see it many more times.

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