My First Lesson!

Today was the first lesson at Lexis Japan!

I was so excited.

My teacher, Michael is nice and  friendly.

I studied about "activity and state verbs".

What's "state verbs"??!!

I looked for the dictionary and It means


What's 状態動詞?!?!

Did I learn about "state verbs" at school?


It took time to understand what the questions mean on the textbook...

I see, this is the way to study English from this stage...

I got a homework and a copy for reading.

These are all my weak points!!

Akari's Diary "English for my Destination"

This is my Diary about 'English for my Destination'. I am a party and event designer in Kobe.I am planning to produce a big event in NYC in 2018. I decided to improve my English!


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