New Teacher!

My new teacher LYDIA.

She is from Australia, but she told me she lived in Tokushima for a long time!

I love Shikoku and I've been to Kagawa, Kochi and Ehime many times,  but I've never been to Tokushima.

We introduced ourselves each other and it was not enough to talk during the lesson!

I'm looking forward to talk with her outside of the classroom someday.(at Beer night!?)

It was nice to take a different teacher's lesson.

I can find new things!

She recommended one English TV program I'd better to watch.

The speed of spoken English on the program seems to be appropriate for my English.


After the lesson,

I was here again! to review Michael's handwriting sheets! 

I'm looking forward to the next his lesson, too!!

Akari's Diary "English for my Destination"

This is my Diary about 'English for my Destination'. I am a party and event designer in Kobe.I am planning to produce a big event in NYC in 2018. I decided to improve my English!


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