I found the information of Lexis English Summer School for junior and high school students yesterday.

This program looks so nice.

Students don't have to go abroad and they can learn native English here in Kobe!

They can also experience interesting activities with students from various countries.

They can have new foreign friends through the activities!

My first trip to the U.S. was when I was a junior high school student.

I was so confident of my English at that time...and I was always hoping to go abroad.

One day, I went to the travel agency on the way home after school, and I got some pamphlets of nice home-stay programs for 1 month.

I asked my parents to go to the U.S. by myself and they were so worried about me.

Just after I boarded a plane bound for the U.S., I started to regret, "Why did I decide to go abroad alone?".

I was so disappointed by the reality that my English was not enough to communicate with English speakers. My confidence of my English had been totally disappeared...

All my memory of the first trip to the U.S. is still so clear even now.

At that time, the home-stay program was very expensive.

Recently, it is much easier and cheaper to go abroad than before.

Students are so lucky! if I were a student now, I choose Lexis English Summer School before I decide to go abroad!!!

 More information of Lexis Summer School

Akari's Diary "English for my Destination"

This is my Diary about 'English for my Destination'. I am a party and event designer in Kobe.I am planning to produce a big event in NYC in 2018. I decided to improve my English!


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